Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The day after Easter we all went to the St. Louis Zoo. It started raining on our way up to the zoo, and we got rained on at first. It was only about 60°F, so it was kind of cold, too. Fortunately, the rain stopped after about 45 minutes, and it actually wasn't too bad. It was much better than if it had been sunny and hot!

The giraffes and elephants are my favorite animals to see at the zoo:
Chandra got quite the workout pushing my wheelchair around the zoo. It's not even very hilly, but it doesn't take much of an incline to give your quads and glutes a workout! Kimball and Rebecah loved taking turns pushing Christian in the stroller:
above: Annika has bright red hair, so we had to get a picture of her with her monkey twin, since the monkey also had bright red hair. below: Mom and Rebecah posed in front of one of one of the azalea bushes that was in full bloom:

One of the best parts of Annette's family visiting was meeting my newest niece, Eden (I'd only seen her via Skype prior to this). Edie is such a sweet little thing, and she's so good! Annette said that Edie was perfect on the drive, and cried a total of maybe 10 minutes on the 30+ hour round-trip drive to MO and back home to NY. [And let's just pretend that I hadn't gotten rained on and/or I was wearing makeup in the following pictures!]

Easter 2017

My mom and I were fortunate enough to have my sister Annette's family visit for Easter this year. We usually don't have any visitors for Easter, since my sisters' kids have school, but this year Annette's kids had spring break the week after Easter, and her husband was able to take vacation, so it all worked out. It was so fun to have some extra family in town! We had dinner with Annette's and Chandra's families, and it was a great day.

Here are pictures of Annette's and Chandra's families on Easter. It's hard to get a picture where everyone is smiling and looking good! Poor Christian just wanted to run around, and he kept bending over to try and get down, so this was the best shot I got of Chan's family.
I can't decide which picture of Rebecah and me that I like best, so I'm including all of them, as well as one of Annette and me:
I wanted to get a picture of Annette's kids with their cousin, Christian, but Christian was not cooperating. Here's the best we could do:
Cute pictures of Rebecah and Edie playing together:
Lincoln loved carrying around my mom's John Deere tractor and this plastic knife, which he called his "sword." As you can see, and he even fell asleep clutching it:
Rebecah drew some pictures of all of us. Here are my mom and me (she said that I was her "BFF" and my mom was her "BFF2"), and then Chandra's family. I like how she colored Chandra Brown, left Joe White, and then did a mix of yellow and brown for Christian's biracial skin tone. 😁 I also liked her phonetic spellings of Chandra, Christian and Joe.

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