Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Leigh's Summer Visit 2015

My sister Sharon and her family visited the first 10 days this month, and they left last Friday. It's always great to see them, and we had a lot of fun hanging out together. Here's a recap of their visit:

My friend Kellie took some family pictures for Sharon's family. I love the bright color scheme of their outfits. I'll just post two of the ones that I thought were fun/cute:
I didn't have an official homemade birthday dinner and dessert on my actual birthday, since I wanted to get Chinese food. Plus, I knew that my mom was going to be making a lot of desserts since my sister Miriam's family was coming the day after my birthday. We celebrated three birthdays with their family, as well as Father's Day, and I didn't want there to be a lot of my birthday dessert leftover, so I decided to hold off. I had an unofficial birthday dinner a few weeks late...chicken salad on croissants and broccoli salad; two of my favorite thingsyum!

For dessert my mom tried a new ice cream recipe that was really easy, and it didn't even require a special ice cream freezer. You can mix in any kind of candy, like chocolate chips, M&Ms, or Reese's. My mom did mini chocolate chips in the first batch she made. When she made it again for my belated birthday dinner, I requested toffee bits. My sister Sharon made her deep-dish brownies. I'd never had them before, and they were SO good! I was in ecstasy with every bite. They were warm and had the richest chocolatey flavor, and were THE best brownies I've ever had! The first night I was so excited to dig in to my brownie and ice cream that I forgot to have my sister take a picture until I was halfway through it. I got a second crack at getting a picture the next night.
My nieces and nephew played in the inflatable pool my sister bought a few years ago. They spent two long afternoons playing outside in the water and came in worn out! By the time we got pictures on the second afternoon, only Rachel and Matt were left outside, and they were both busily bailing the water out of the pool.
Mom, Sharon and Chandra in their red, white and blue on the Fourth of July, and then Sharon and me in our matching shirts:
I wasn't able to get a picture with all of us together like I was hoping, but here are the two best group shots I could get. (My favorite thing about these pics is Emily, slumped over asleep on the couch behind us. She was so tired!):
Spencer, Elizabeth and Sarah playing the game Pay Day, and Emi building with Legos:
It's hard to believe how old Elizabeth and Kate are getting! They're a lot of fun:
One morning Sharon's family took a trip to the Museum of Transportation. I didn't go with them because I had some things to do, and I wasn't sure if it would even be accessible. I happily perused the pictures they took when they got back, though! They had a great time, and there was a lot for the kids to see and explore. Here are a few of the best pictures:
It was another great visit with family. Now my mom and I have two weeks to recoup before my sister Annette and her family visit from New York. It's going to be a busy two weeks for us with lots of appointments and places to go, so I hope they go quickly!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lambs' Visit 2015

My sister Miriam and her family visited from Texas last week, and they left this morning. It was so great to see them, and I always enjoy getting to see my nieces, especially since they're only able to visit once a year. We really didn't do anything very "exciting" since it was supposed to be rainy on the day when we were planning to go out, but I don't think anyone was too devastated. It was just nice to talk and hang out together.

My sister Chandra lucked out and her two days off were both when Miriam's family was here, so she was able to come over and spend some time with everyone. One of the things my nieces look forward to the most when they visit is having Aunt Chan braid their hair. Chandra was a good sport and didn't let the girls down. She spent about three hours on her feet braiding hair, and was sure hot, tired and hungry when she got finished! (She is 29 weeks pregnant, so she was a real trooper!) I helped Chan find some tutorials for new braids to do on the girls, and they were all pleased beyond belief with the results. 
I had to get a few pictures with the girls, too:
I made everybody pose for a few pictures before going into the house after church, since we didn't really have many pictures to show for this year's visit. The pink/aqua theme was not planned, I might add...just a pure coincidence!
Chandra came back over to say goodbye on Sunday evening after she got off work. She hadn't felt like posing in the pictures we took of the girls after they had their hair braided, so we made sure to get some pictures with Chandra this time. The girls were pretty wound up, so it was hard to get a picture without at least one of the girls looking the wrong way or with a goofy expression, but that's the way it goes! I suppose that's better than people being grumpy or refusing to smile. 
This picture of Miriam and Chan turned out really cute, so this is a good way to end my post. We a wonderful visit that went by too quickly. 
I sure love spending time with family, which is fortunate, since my sister Sharon and her family arrive tomorrow afternoon. More fun times ahead!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

31st Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and I turned 31. It was a relaxed, low-key day and I really didn't do much to celebrate, unlike my 30th birthday where my family surprised me with a visit from my sister Kristin who I hadn't seen in over four years. Even though I didn't do anything exciting for my birthday, it was still a great day.

My sister Chandra lucked out and wasn't scheduled to work, so she came over to hang out. We thought about going to the movies or maybe going shopping, but it was very rainy and soggy, so we stayed home. (I really don't like going out in the rain, because I hate getting wet!)

Mom, Chandra and I spent the day together, which was great since they are honestly two of my favorite people to be with. I opened all of my birthday cards, which I always save to open on my birthdayjust another way to make the day seem special. I also opened my presents. My family and friends are so good to me. I told my mom and Chandra that I wanted to try the Lindt Excellence candy bars that come in different flavors, because I love Lindt chocolate (it tastes SO much better than Hershey's chocolate!). My mom got me three of them, and Chan got me a big box of them that was an assortment of the different flavors, so I got eight of the Lindt candy bars, plus a Dove candy bar from my friend Kellie. It was pretty comical to get so many candy bars. What can I say...I love chocolate!
I love Chinese food, so my mom went and picked up some takeout for dinner. We got sesame chicken, egg rolls and crab rangoon. I love Chinese food! I told my mom that I didn't want her to make a big cake or anything since I knew I would be consuming a lot of calories with my Chinese dinner. She couldn't help herself, though, and she made three of those tiny chocolate cakes that you just make in a mug in the microwave. I've tried these kind of desserts before, and they are always leave me disappointed. This one was pretty good, though.
My first year in my 30's has been a good one, so I hope things keep going well. It's good to be alive! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oh, baby!

Here are two baby-inspired stories that were in the news recently. I've written about the first couple before, so it's just an update on their family's latest news. And then some adorable pictures of the prince and princess.

Thirteenth Child

Remember Jay and Kateri Schwandt, and their 12 sons? 
Earlier this year I heard that Jay and Kateri (Teri) were expecting another baby—their 13th. They didn't find out the gender of the baby beforehand, since it's their tradition to always keep it a surprise. Jay was hoping for a girl so he could experience all of the fun and differences that come with girls, but also said that he would be pleased with a girl OR a boy, so long as the baby was healthy. Teri felt the same way, too. The chances of having 13 children that are all the same gender are actually 0.025%, but they have defied the odds with their 12 boys, so it could've gone either way! The new baby arrived on May 13, and it was…another BOY!
Royally Cute

These pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were released earlier this week, and were supposedly taken by Duchess Kate, herself. The royal cuties are ADORABLE! I wish I could see them in person, because I love babies/kidsespecially cute ones!
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