Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ruby's Arrival

My sweet niece, Ruby Jane, was born last Wednesday (March 7). She weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and was 21 inches. She was born via C-section, and the doctor had a bit of trouble getting her out, so he had to use the vacuum to suck her out. Ruby also inhaled a bit of fluid during the ordeal, which caused her to turn purple, but after getting a little oxygen, she pinked up. Here she is, just minutes old:
Proud parents:
Comparing Ruby to newborn pictures of Christian. In the second picture, it looks like Ruby is making the same face as Christian:
My mom and I went to the hospital to visit Chandra the next day:
Here's Chandra looking beautiful:
Joe took Christian to the hospital to meet Ruby the day after she was born:
All dressed and ready to go home:
Chandra's first stop after leaving the hospital was my house. I didn't mind getting to hold Ruby. I've got to enjoy holding her as much as I can, because before I know it she will be too heavy for me to have on my lap.
Welcome to the world and the family, Ruby!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Chandra's Baby Shower

I know I don't do much blogging anymoreI feel like I've said most everything that there is to say! My day-to-day life is pretty boring, so I just post every now and then when something noteworthy or exciting happens.

My younger sister, Chandra, is having a baby tomorrow, and I'm so excited for her! A couple weekends ago she had a baby shower hosted by a few of our friends from church. They did a beautiful job! The shower was tea party-themed. Everything was really nice, and I'm glad that my mom and I were able to go. It was fun to visit with people that I haven't seen in a while, and, of course, to support Chandra and our friends that threw the shower.

Everything was decorated beautifully, and I really appreciate all of the time and money that our friends spent on this shower... it was a lot of work for them! Cute little outfits served as part of the decor and as centerpieces on the tables, and Chan got to take them all home, too. Here are a few of them:
We had a light luncheon:
People could also decorate a party hat, if they wished to. Chandra picked her favorite at the end, and that person got a prize:
After some games, Chan took the hot seat and opened her gifts. She got so many really nice things!
Here are a few pictures of Chandra full-term. She's gorgeous! She had a pregnancy where everything went right on track. On the bottom are pictures from this past Sunday. Chandra had her husband snap a few pictures of her and Christian on their way out the door to church. Christian talks about Ruby a lot, and carries his baby doll around, but I don't think he has any idea what is about to happen!
Baby Ruby should be here by this time tomorrow, and I can't wait to meet the precious little lady!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Elizabeth Turns 17

My niece, Elizabeth, turned 17 on December 27. It's so fun to be able to celebrate her birthday with her each year. As I said in my Christmas recap post that I wrote yesterday, I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by. It really doesn't seem like that long ago that Elizabeth was still a little girl, but now she is an older teenager, and only has one year left to be a "minor." Can't time just slow down?!

In the afternoon, Sharon and her three oldest girls went to the movies, along with Chandra and me. We saw The Greatest Showman about PT Barnum. I sent Sharon a link to the trailer last summer, and I told her that I thought it looked really good. I thought it would be good, but it wasn't… it was amazing! I didn't even get tired in the movie, which is saying something, because I usually get tired or fall asleep when we go to the movies. I truly loved the it, and I can't wait to see it again. 
[It was so bright outside that I could not keep my eyes open for the picture! My eyes were watering with how bright it was, although, it looks like everyone else managed to keep their eyes open.]

We had Elizabeth's birthday dinner when we got home:
And then she opened her presents:
We tried to get a picture of the entire family, but Matt and Emi weren't feeling it. Matt sat on the couch, but buried his face behind Elizabeth's back (only his legs are visiblenotice the green PJs).
Matt hates having his picture taken, but I asked him very sweetly if he would pose for a picture with his football that I gave him for Christmas. He reluctantly agreed. Sarah was much easier to coax a smile out of. 
I sure love Elizabeth! We have a lot of fun together. I'm dreading the day that my nieces and nephews start leaving home. That day is fast approaching, and it makes me sad to think that I might see them even less than I do now. I guess growing up is what kids do, though, and it's sure better than the alternative!
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