Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Visits 2018

July was a whirlwind of a month. Three of my four older sisters came to visit with their families. We had company staying with us from July 3 to July 27 straight! It was great to see so much of my family.

My sister Miriam and her family were the first ones to visit. My oldest niece (Kim) turned 18 in July, and she will be leaving for college in just over a week. It's crazy how fast the years have flown by. One of the things we did with Miriam's family was go bowling, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

We took some pictures to document our time together:
Miriam's visit overlapped with Sharon's visit for a few days, so it was fun that their families got to spend a little time together. My older sisters families are together so seldomly that it's always a "must" to document with more pictures:
Above is a picture of my mom with Miriam's, Sharon's and Chandra's kids (half of Mom's grandchildren). We would've loved having the other 13 kids here to spend time with us!

Victoria and Christian got along so well last year, and this year was no different. It was hard to get pictures of both of them smiling and looking at the camera. Christian didn't want to look, so Victoria tried to help him out:
Miriam's family
Sharon was only able to stay for one full day, because she and her three oldest girls had to get back for some church activities. She came and dropped off her three youngest kids, who stayed with us for two full weeks since the rest of the family had a church conference and a camp that they were involved with. My mom tried hard to keep the kids from getting bored. One day we went to a local firehouse and took a tour.
My sister Annette was last to visit. Sharon's kids were still with us at the time, so they were able to see more of their cousins. Here is Sharon youngest, Emi and me, and then we were joined by Annette's daughter, Rebecah.
We took another picture of my mom with her grandchildren that were here. This summer she was able to see 18 of her her 26 grandchildren. Not bad, but it would've been perfect if we could've seen everyone.
Kimball loved carrying Ruby around, and so did Rebecah. Everyone loves Christian and Ruby, and I can't say I blame them. :)
Here are a couple pictures of my mom, Annette, Chandra and me:
And a couple pictures of me with Annette's family:
Edie and Christian:
Hanging out after church:
Edie giving my wheelchair a try, and a picture of Annette's son, Lincoln, with Sharon's daughter Rachel:
We went bowling again with Annette's family, and I think it was one of the highlights of their trip. All of the kids had a lot of fun:
There was a ramp (with a very steep incline) to get down to the bowling lanes, and the little kids had a lot of fun running up and down the ramp while they waited for their next turn to bowl:
Enjoying some pizza between turns:
Our summer company has come and gone for another year. I was pretty bummed for the first few days after left. It stinks that we are so spread out, but I'm grateful for the time when we are together.


Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Oh I see lots of fun and love In these photos! Y’all are blessed to have a large family.

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