Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jilly's Cupcakes

One of my sister's friends bought me six cupcakes for my birthday last week, which I thought was really sweet since he's never met me. The cupcakes came from Jilly's Cupcake Bar, which is a place in St. Louis that sells amazing cupcakes. They're all filled with some sort of filling and come in fun flavors.

The day after Chandra brought them home I ate a light dinner of yogurt and fruit so that I could try all of the cupcakes. After dinner my mom brought in the container of cupcakes and two forks. We dug in and tried all of them. They were all really good, but the two chocolate ones were my favorites. Mom and I each took two bites of each cupcake and then decided we should call it quits. We saved what was left of the cupcakes for Chandra since she was working at the time.

Chandra and I have said how fun we think it would be to go to a bakery and do a cake testing, like some couples do when they're trying to decide what kind of wedding cake to have. Sampling all of these cupcakes was kind of like our own little cake testing.

Here are the cupcakes:
Here's what was left after we tasted them. (These cupcakes are huge. Each one is probably the equivalent of three regular-sized cupcakes.)


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