Monday, September 23, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I know this post is a little late, but that's what happens when you get busy! There's been terrible flooding in northern Colorado this month. I heard a report on the news that said that some places in Colorado received as much rain in just a few days as they usually get in an entire year. It would be really hard to describe the sheer magnitude of the flooding in words, so I'll let pictures do the talking...
I'm just amazed at the power of water. There is so much force behind it and it can do major damage. Just look at how the water broke up the roads and moved concrete:
Disasters are horrible and something you would never want to go through, but it often times brings out the best in people. I love how friends, neighbors and even perfect strangers band together to help each other out. It also shows you what's really important in life (something that's easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle that our busy lives bring).
Many people were trapped and needed to be rescued, so several Blackhawk helicopters were dispatched to assist in the recovery. A few people died in the floods (the death toll was six when I heard it) which is sad, of course, but at the same time it could've been much, much worse, so that's something to be grateful for.
When the waters recede that's when the real work begins! Can you imagine all of the mud that would be all over everything?! And everything that got wet would have to be torn up, ripped out and thrown away. Whenever I see the destruction that follows natural disasters, I always wonder where do you begin when it comes to cleaning up, and what do they do with all the trash/debris?

Clean up always goes better when you have people by your side to help share the burden, right?! I love this first picture, because it looks like these people are making the best of their situation by taking a moment to laugh. 


Julie said...

That must be so awful to be in that situation.

Wow, that's a lot of rain!

We've had a lot of bad floods here in the past few years. 2007 was especially bad & people had to live in caravans while their houses were cleared up etc.

It must be awful to lose your home & especially precious memories, like
photos etc.

I wonder what they do about food storage in these sort of cases. I guess they could quickly grab their emergency kits if they have time, then again it's really the last thing you'd think of in a time like that. If you ever find a blog about how people coped with their food storage/emergency kit please could you let me know? I'd love to read about their experience.

By the way, I mainly mentioned food storage etc because I'm trying to improve in mine. Does your Mum have one, if so how does she do hers?

I apologise about mentioning food storage when it really has nothing to do with your post. It just made me think of food storage for some reason:)

I wobde

Julie said...

Not sure where I wobde came from!

I meant to say, I really feel for these poor people in these floods, especially those who have lost loved ones.X

In the floods in 2007 my cousin saved a family from drowning in the car. He said it was terrifying.

I will remember these people in my prayers at this difficult time.

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