Thursday, July 3, 2014

Family Ties

My sister Miriam and her family visit each summer and this year the best time for them to visit just so happened to overlap with when Sharon and Kristin were here. We took advantage of the fact that five of the seven sisters were all in the same place at the same time (something that doesn't happen often) by taking some pictures.
Getting some pictures of the cousins was also a must. There were sure lots of girls around (Miriam and Sharon each have five). Poor Matt was the lone male. He can never catch a break, but I suppose he's used to it since he has five sisters. It's too bad Kristin couldn't bring her kids since she has five boys. (Matt was more interested in the hose and sticks, so he isn't in the group picture of the cousins.)
I thought these pictures of 2-year-olds Emi and Victoria were so cute:
Matt threatening the girls with the hose (good thing the water was turned off) and a pic of the four oldest grandchildren (I can't believe how old they're getting!):
An adorable picture of Victoria and then some cute ones of Rachel that just made me laugh:
Bonding over Harry Potter and other stories:
The day before what would've been my dad's 62nd birthday, Sharon and Kristin went to Harter's Bakery to get doughnuts for breakfast. My dad loved doughnuts and he would sometimes go to Harter's on Saturday mornings to get doughnuts. This was always such a treat and thrilled us girls. We all have fond memories of those doughnuts!


Kate said...

Family is truly the best! Isn't? :) I'm glad you've been enjoying your summer with so many members of your family. I've been enjoying that perk too! Love you!

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