Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meeting My Cousin

Last Wednesday I was able to meet one of my cousins, Bill Jr., and his family. They live in Virginia, but were traveling in the area for the Thanksgiving holiday. I may have met Bill Jr. (who is 10 years my senior) when I was a little girl, but if I did, I was too young at the time and have no memory of it. We are Facebook friends, but don't really correspond, so it was basically like meeting a stranger.

Bill, his wife, Melinda, and their two sons, Thomas and Tre, came for lunch and stayed for a couple of hours on their way from Aurora, MO, to Evansville, IN. It was great learning more about Bill and Melinda, how they met (in Italy when they were both in the Navy) and more about their life. 
Bill Jr.'s dad, Bill Sr., is my dad's oldest brother. We rarely got together with the Johnson side of the family when I was a kid, and don't know much about my cousins on that side of the family. My only Johnson relative that I know much about is my Uncle Paul, so it was really nice to meet Bill and get to know him a little better. Bill and his family were great and I hope to spend more time with their family in the future when they are near the area. 


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