Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas 2014

I'm finally getting around to making a post about Christmas. My sister Sharon and her family came from Mississippi to spend Christmas with my mom, youngest sister Chandra and me. We've been lucky enough to spend Christmas with Sharon's family every year since 2007, and it's always a blast. It's great to have kids around for the holidays, too, since they make everything more exciting. I wish more of my family lived close enough to join in on the holiday fun, but I will take whatever visitors we can get!

We agreed to start opening presents at 8, which always feels late to the kids, but to the adults that have to get up a couple hours earlier to get everything ready, 8 AM feels like good compromise. We started by opening stockings to see what Santa brought for the kids. Then we had our breakfast of sweet rolls (made by Sharon). This year we did caramel pecan rolls and cinnamon rolls with maple frosting. After breakfast we started opening presents, which always takes a couple of hours, since we're the kind of family that opens them one at a time.

In the afternoon we had some friends over. Our long time family friend, Paul, and Laura, a new gal from church. Laura's new to the area and doesn't know very many people. Her husband had to work, too, so she and her two little kids came over to hang out with us. It was great getting to know her better, and her daughter played well with my sister's kids. Her baby boy is a doll, and everybody loved holding him!

Christmas was a relatively low-key day, but it was just relaxing and nice to spend time with family and friends. Chandra had been working tons, too, especially with the busy holiday hours. Fortunately, she got four days off during the time that Sharon's family was here, so she was actually able to hang out with us.

Here are some pictures from Christmas day. 
Rachel and Emily each got Bitty Babies for Christmas. Emily (who is two) walked around saying "baby bottle" over and over after she opened her doll. Fortunately, my mom got her some doll supplies, including two baby bottles. :) 


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