Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Heart Day

I got this jeweled cardigan in a beautiful shade of red two or three years ago, and I only wear it once a year for Valentine's Day. I decided to wear it to church last Sunday, since my mom was also wearing a red and black outfit. We took a picture together since we were "reverse twins." I already posted these pictures on Facebook, but I'll put them on my blog, too.
A few days ago, my mom and I got a shipment of beautiful pink, red and white tulips in a red mason jar from our friend Paul. That was a fun surprise. Tulips are one of my most favorite flowers, and these are just gorgeous!
I had my mom take this picture yesterday, hence the reason why my calendar is still on February 13.
I love Valentine's Day, and it's just a fun day to remember those you love. When my mom asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day, I said, "Nothing!" I really don't need extra chocolate around calling my name. So, she gave me this cute giraffe card instead, which is perfect for me, since I love giraffes. She gave me a bar of chocolate, too. Shame on her.
On Thursday, my friend and helper, Linda, also asked me what she could bring my mom/me for Valentine's Day. I told her that she better not bring us anything on Saturday. So what did she do? She stopped by a few hours later with chocolate. She said something like, "You said not to bring anything on Saturday, and it's not Saturday!" She just couldn't help herself (she never can). Well, who can be mad at a friend like that, especially since that's something I would say/do to one of my friends. :) Don't mind if I do, I guess, since I've actually been wanting to try these dark chocolate crunchy clusters.
My mom made a delicious salted caramel Oreo pie two days ago for a special dessert in honor of Valentine's Day, since we had a few guests on Thursday and Friday. This dessert only had five ingredients – butter, brown sugar, cream, chocolate chips and Oreos (and then you sprinkle the top with sea salt before you serve it). It was easy to make, and SO good! I had a small piece on Thursday, and then another small piece last night. Fortunately, there were extra people around to help it to save my mom and me from ourselves. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
Great pix of you & your Mum. I didn't realise from the pix on Facebook that you were wearing the opposite of each other.

I love it in the US that Valentine's Day is sharing love with others. Here in the UK it's all about being in a relationship & should be renamed single's awareness day.

I love what Linda did. That's my sense of humour.:)

That pudding your Mum made sounds wonderful. Any chance of a picture of it please?

Salted caramel is lovely. I've just recently got into mini Oreo biscuits - I didn't know what I was missing!!!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, glad it was a good one.:)

Anonymous said...

It's Julie from the UK. For some reason my google thing etc isn't working properly.

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