Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

A quick post about Easter. It was low key, but wonderful day. My sister Chandra had a three-day weekend off of work, so she came over on Saturday and Sunday and spent both of those days with Mom and me. That was so nice, since we only see her about once a week these days. I miss her! This weekend also happened to be our church's General Conference, too, so that is always amazing and inspirational.

For Easter dinner we just had a small crowd (Mom, me, Chandra and her boyfriend, Joe). We were planning to keep the menu small, but it kept growing and growing as "just one more thing" kept being added to it. Oh, well! (My sister's boyfriend is huge…think bodybuilder…and he eats massive quantities of food.) We had ham, roast beef, potatoes, pistachio salad, cranberry sauce, homemade Hawaiian sweet rolls, deviled eggs, peas and fresh veggies. For dessert we had dark chocolate salted caramel Oreo pie and coconut cake. (Our friend Linda brought over half of a coconut cake, and we gave her half of our pie.)

I really didn't eat that much for dinner. More than I usually would on a given night, but I tried to take it easy since I absolutely hate the feeling of being stuffed. There was definitely more than enough food for the four of us, and my mom gave the majority of the leftovers to Chan and Joe to take home with them. We just wanted it out of here!

Here are a few pictures of us, and of our food:
I'm so grateful for Easter, and for this special day to focus on Jesus Christ and His life. I'm grateful for my knowledge of the atonement and Jesus' resurrection. I'm grateful to live in a country where we are free to worship as we please. This is a luxury that others in some other countries aren't blessed with. Because of Him there are second chances and happy endings.


This American Wife said...

Happy Easter!! Don't know that I've ever seen Chandra in full make-up, she looks fabulous, very glam!!

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