Monday, December 7, 2015

Christian: Three Months Old

As of today my nephew Christian is now three months old. He is growing so quickly! Here are some pictures from the past month:

Christian on his first Thanksgiving. No turkey for him this year. :) I had my mom take a few pictures. When I looked at them I realized that Christian was spitting up in the pictures. Oops! Oh well. He's still a cutie.
I had Chandra take a few pictures when she came over last week since Christian's outfit was so cute. I liked the moose on his shirt with his puffy vest.
The rest of the pictures are ones Chandra sent me from her cell phone. Here are some bath shots. I love his adorable little bathrobe!
Here he is in his lumberjack sleeper. He makes a pretty cute "slumberjack" if you ask me. 
Chandra made a wrap that she uses to keep Christian with her when she is doing stuff around the house. He's happy, so she's happy! She also has both hands free to do stuff with.
I think the middle picture below is so funny. It looks like Christian is plotting something diabolical in his sleep. ;-)
Christian is starting to become interested in toys. He likes his monkey rattle that I bought him.
Here's Christian with his dad on his dad's 30th birthday:
It doesn't take much to get a smile out of this little guy. Seeing him smile makes me smile!
Christian has also become aware of his toes in the past month, and has started reaching for them:
He loves his doggie stuffed animal:
And that's a wrap...til next month!!


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