Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Miracles from Heaven"

I recently read the book Miracles from Heaven by Christy Beam. I love reading true stories about people who have gone through difficult things, but manage to make it through by relying on their faith in God. Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

In a remarkable true story of faith and blessings, a mother tells of her sickly young daughter, how she survived a dangerous accident, her visit to Heaven and the inexplicable disappearance of the symptoms of her chronic disease.

Annabel Beam spent most of her childhood in and out of hospitals with a rare and incurable digestive disorder that prevented her from ever living a normal, healthy life. One sunny day when she was able to go outside and play with her sisters, she fell three stories headfirst inside an old, hollowed-out tree, a fall that may well have caused death or paralysis. Implausibly, she survived without a scratch. While unconscious inside the tree, with rescue workers struggling to get to her, she visited heaven. After being released from the hospital, she defied science and was inexplicably cured of her chronic ailment.

I enjoyed the book, but I thought it was just "okay" overall. I didn't care for how the time kept switching back and forth between different events in the story. I also didn't like the way certain words or phrases were repeated over and over. It was enjoyable enough, though, and I would still recommend it to others.

This is the Beam family standing by the cottonwood tree Annabel fell into. (For some reason, the gigantic tree was/is hollow inside. It's amazing that it could still grow, despite the fact that it is hollow.)
A couple months ago, I heard that this book was being made into a movie starring Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah, so I'm looking forward to seeing it, to see what it's like.
The first picture below is a pic of Christy Beam and Jennifer Garner at the movie premiere (Jennifer played Christy in the movie). Below that is a picture of the Beam family, along with Jennifer Garner, TD Jakes, and two other men responsible for making this movie).


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