Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Christian: Nine Months Old

Christian is now nine months old. I don't have many pictures for this month's post, though. Chandra has been really busy packing/moving to a new house, AND Christian is so wiggly now that it's difficult to get decent pictures of him.

Chandra stayed here at the house with my mom and me for a week while Chandra and her boyfriend were in-between houses. It was fun to get to see more of them. Christian started crawling during the week they were here. He took a few tentative crawls on his hands/knees one of the first few days they were here, and by the time they left one week later, he was getting all over the house! He's also making more and more noises, and is getting really good at saying, "Mom" (which sounds like, "Ma-ma-ma" over and over).
Chandra gave Christian a bath in the kitchen sink when they were here, since his little bathtub was packed.
Another skill Christian learned last week was to clap his hands (which you can see him doing in the picture below, on the right).
I thought the picture of Christian in those big glasses was cute (even though it's blurry). Chandra found those glasses while packing and snapped a picture of Christian wearing them.

When Christian was first trying to get the hang of crawling, he could only manage to go backwards, and he ended up getting stuck under the futon.
I love to kiss Christian, and whenever Chandra brings him over to me to get a kiss or two, Christian has started leaning his forehead into me. It's so funny and sweet. I'm glad he tolerates me. :)


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