Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Lambs' Visit 2016

My sister Miriam and her family visited from Texas earlier this month. We had a nice time together. I'm always amazed at how much her girls have grown in the past year (since I only see them once a year). It's hard to believe that my oldest niece, Kim, is going to be a junior in high school this year! Today is actually her 16th birthday. I remember when she was born, because I had just turned 16 exactly one month before. It's crazy how quickly time goes!

We took some pictures after church:
We had a little birthday celebration on Sunday evening, to celebrate the summer birthdays. Michaela turned 14 last month, and Kim turned 16 today, as I said earlier. It's always fun to celebrate with the birthday girls when they visit!
Miriam also had a birthday earlier this month, and she turned the big 4-0! That is hard to believe, too! I remember when she turned 30. Miriam's family was living here at the time, and that's when she had her 30th birthday. It's so difficult to believe an entire decade has passed since then!
Miriam's girls enjoyed finally meeting their newest cousin, Christian. We made sure to get some pictures of the cousins together. It's really hard to capture a decent picture where everyone is looking, has their eyes open, is smiling, and where everyone is in focus!
Chan joined the picture!
Here's a picture of Chandra and Miriam. Chandra said that they are the engine and the caboose of the family (since Miriam is the oldest sibling and Chandra is the youngest). What I wouldn't give to have a photo of all six of my sisters and me! Below that is a picture of Miriam, Chandra and me (sisters 1, 5 and 7).
Kim liked helping with Christian.
Victoria liked playing with Christian, too:


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