Thursday, November 2, 2017

Another Birthday for Mom

My mom had a birthday one month ago on October 2. She turned 65 this year. It's hard to believe that she is 65, because that age sounds a lot older than my mom seems, if that makes sense. Since this was a milestone birthday, I asked my sisters if they would like to go in on a special present for our mom. They were agreeable, so I went ahead and ordered the gift. I thought my mom would like a nice picture of the Savior, so I searched the internet and found one that I thought would be perfect. It is a nice framed giclée canvas print called "Lead, Kindly Light" by artist Simon Dewey. It looks great in person, so I was pleased with the quality. Mom was very happy to get it, and loves the way it looks hanging in our entryway. Happy birthday, Mom!
Lead, Kindly Light by Simon Dewey


Kim Standard said...

Oh what a pretty painting! with your pretty mom. You did a great job finding it for her

Monica Graham said...

Beautiful picture of Jesus lighting the darkness. What a great gift!

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