Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ruby's Arrival

My sweet niece, Ruby Jane, was born last Wednesday (March 7). She weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and was 21 inches. She was born via C-section, and the doctor had a bit of trouble getting her out, so he had to use the vacuum to suck her out. Ruby also inhaled a bit of fluid during the ordeal, which caused her to turn purple, but after getting a little oxygen, she pinked up. Here she is, just minutes old:
Proud parents:
Comparing Ruby to newborn pictures of Christian. In the second picture, it looks like Ruby is making the same face as Christian:
My mom and I went to the hospital to visit Chandra the next day:
Here's Chandra looking beautiful:
Joe took Christian to the hospital to meet Ruby the day after she was born:
All dressed and ready to go home:
Chandra's first stop after leaving the hospital was my house. I didn't mind getting to hold Ruby. I've got to enjoy holding her as much as I can, because before I know it she will be too heavy for me to have on my lap.
Welcome to the world and the family, Ruby!


Kim Standard said...

What a beautiful baby! The name Ruby is neat. Big brother was being good with his new lil sister. Congrats to the family with new life

Julie said...

Congrats on Ruby. She's beautiful.x

I hope you'll do a post on Prince Louis's birth. You were brill at doing the ones of George & Charlotte.

Hope you are doing OK. x

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