Monday, May 28, 2018

Another Royal Wedding

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle just over a week ago, on May 19. I didn't get up at 5 AM to watch, like I did for Prince William's wedding to Kate, but I did record the news coverage of it, and I started watching it as soon as I got up. I was excited to see what Meghan's wedding dress looked like. I expected her to wear a lavish wedding dress, but it was actually quite plain and subdued. I was a little disappointed in the dress, but it grew on me. After all, Meghan is gorgeous, so she really didn't need anything ornate or overly embellished. Prince Harry looked nice, as well, and he looked really happy. It's too bad that his mother, Princess Diana, wasn't alive to see her son get married, but I'm sure she was there in spirit.

Meghan and Harry's love story seems like a bit of a fairytale. She, a beautiful American actress, and he, a famous prince, met after being paired up on a blind date. They fell in love and  decided to get married. Meghan is 36 (the same age that Princess Diana was when she was tragically killed), and is a biracial divorcée. It wasn't long ago that a member of the royal family wouldn't have been allowed to marry a biracial divorcée, so their union is rather remarkable. Meghan's situation seems to parallel Grace Kelly, who was also an American actress who retired from acting after falling in love with and marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Some people on Facebook were complaining about all of the hype on TV surrounding the royal wedding, and they were saying they couldn't care less. I, personally, much rather hear about Meghan and Harry's wedding, than to hear about corrupt politicians, or the latest idiotic thing President Trump has said or done, or to hear about another school shooting, or another celebrity that has sexually abused women, or terrible natural disasters that are wreaking havoc in people's lives. At least this is happy news!

Here are some pictures from the big day: 
Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex:
Here are Prince Charles and Camilla, along with Doria Ragland, mother of Meghan Markle. I thought Doria looked so pretty at the wedding.
There's nothing cuter than George and Charlotte, who were a page boy and bridesmaid in the wedding party.
Meghan changed into another dress for the reception. Again, not the kind of dress that I expected, but she looks beautiful:
Here are the formal wedding portraits released from Kensington Palace:
I also wanted to mention the happy news that Prince William and Kate had their third child on April 23, a boy named Louis Arthur Charles (Louis pronounced "Looey"). I was so happy when I heard that they were having another child. Here are pictures of Kate leaving the hospital, mere hours after giving birth.
I loved this picture of Charlotte holding her baby brother. 💗


Julie said...

Hi Heather,
Great posts. Thank you for them, you always do a brill job on things like this.

I totally agree about the dress but it grew on me too.

I thought all the children looked so cute as bridesmaids & page boys.

I especially loved the look on one of the twin boys' faces when the music started.

I felt sorry for Meghan's Mum at times. She seemed so alone & upset.

Louis is a cute baby.

I especially love the picture of Charlotte & Louis together. x

Hope you are well. x

Julie said...

Great post & pix of the wedding & of Louis.

You always do a great job with things like this. x

Unknown said...

Beautiful wedding photographs! Did your imagination take you there?

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