Here are some posts where I've answered frequently asked questions about paralysis, how I  do certain and things and what my day-to-day life as a quadriplegic is like.


Anonymous said...

You are a gem and you really get it! The Lord chose you for a special mission-and I just wanted to tell you that I admire you- tested in the fire and turning to gold!

Amanda said...

I just wanted to let u know that ur amazing attitude has forever changed me. I will remember it daily. I am a 36 yr old mom of 2 boys just trying to keep up with life and i hope to remember ur wonderful attitude as i face life. I am also LDS and u are a light! Thank u for sharing!!!! I also loved learning all about how u do the normal daily things. Thank u.

Julie said...

Fantastic blog:). I especially like the new header - it's brill.

One question I wanted to ask: are you able to speak & if so did you have to re-learn that after your accident? (I hope you don't mind me asking this)

Phoenicia Oyeniyi said...

Hi Heather,

I have just read your interview with blogger, Tuhin. I was completely blown away by your honesty and positivity. You are an inspiration to many and your faith in God is astounding. He has a purpose for your life and I know you will go on to fulfil it. People need to hear your story and understand that despite our challenges life goes on.

Thank you deeply.

Diana Laska said...

Thanks so much for your blog - I think it is a shining example that life is valuable and can be truly joyful whether or not you can move.

And thank you for sharing so many interesting details about your life. I have read your FAQ’s and a lot, but not all, of your blog. I still have lots of questions, but forgive me if these are addressed elsewhere and I have just not yet read the answers. Here are a few about your diaphragm pacer and your tracheostomy:

What rate is your diaphragm pacer set at? Do you ever vary the rate?

What happens if the diaphragm pacer were to stop working? (For example do you have an alarm system? Do you always have an ambu bag handy? Can you do glossopharyngeal breathing as a backup?) Has that ever happened?

I noticed you wear a speaking valve over your trach. Does that give you bigger tidal volumes than if you were to just cap the trach and breathe in through your nose and mouth? Are there other or different benefits that you find with using a speaking valve?

I’m so impressed at how quickly you were able to switch over to using the diaphragm pacer full time. Any insight into why you are so successful with it and why your diaphragm “kicked in” so quickly?

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