Friday, March 12, 2010

Good for a laugh

I wanted to write about something lighthearted since my last post was so serious. I want to write about the little toilet that was in my hospital room. I've actually seen plenty of little toilets like this before, but a lot of my friends that came to visit me hadn't, and they got a real kick out of it.

There was a cabinet in my room with a sink and counter on top of it. This is what the cabinet looked like from the front with the doors shut:

If you opened the cabinet doors you would find a little toilet inside. I obviously can't get up and sit on the toilet, but the nurses would empty the pee that would collect in my drainage bag into the toilet. This is what the cabinet looked like with the doors open and the little toilet popped out:

The funniest thing about the toilet was when someone would accidentally lean up against the cabinet and their body weight would push the little flush button. It always startled them and gave me a good laugh. I guess it's the little things that you have to find humor in when you're in the hospital!


Kathe said...

That's hillarious:)

Chris said...

Hi Heather! I just had to tell you what Myah just said about the toilet. She's looking at the pictures and said, "Oh, look at that toilet! That's very nice!" Then I explain what it is and how it comes out of the cupboard and she says, "Mom, that's the weirdest thing I've seen!" Ha ha. I didn't know about these cupboard toilets.

Glad you're back home and feeling better! What a rough week you had! Hope things are still going well now that you're out of the hospital!

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