Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visit from the Burton family

This past weekend we had a visit from the Burton family, one of our dear family friends. Our family got acquainted with the Burton family through church in the early 90's and have remained good friends with them even though they moved back to Utah in 1998. My mom and Janet still talk on the phone each month to keep in touch.

They came to church with us on Sunday to see how it has changed in the years since they've lived here. Then they came over for dinner after church and we spent several hours talking, playing games and reminiscing about old times.

We took some pictures:
Mom and Janet, and Dirk and Janet: 
The Burton Family (fortunately I was able to get one serious picture!):
It's nice to know that although the years go by, some people never change!


Julie W said...

What a sweet family! It's always so nice to spend time like that with old friends. What games did you guys play, BTW? (Always looking for some good ones other than Pictionary!)

Loretta Valenta said...

I am so jealous that you got to see them! It's been 15 years since we've seen them!!!! Lucky you!

Mommy Spirit said...

It's my pleasure to give you the Versatile Blogger Award today--you have such a thoughtful and creative blog. You can see the announcement at


Have a wonderful day!

Heather said...

The games we played were Phase 10 Twist and Buzzword -- two both really fun games that my family loves.

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