Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy December!

Can it really be December 3?! I know it must be since that's what my Mary Engelbreit calendar says, but it doesn't seem like it. Time just goes so, so quickly! It doesn't FEEL like December, either! Today we reached a record high temperature of 78°F in St. Louis. It felt more like May than December! Call me crazy, but I could stand for more season-appropriate weather. Although I don't like the physical feeling of being cold that winter-like temperatures results in, it's hard to feel festive when it's so warm outside! 
(December's picture from my Mary Engelbreit calendar: I love the bright, colorful picture,
although the quote is pretty dumb.)
I'm grateful to be in the month of December, though, since it's my favorite month of the year. There's nothing better than December holidays, the infectious spirit of Christmas, doing kind things for others, Christmas movies and music, yummy festive foods and holiday treats, snow and most importantly, focusing on our Savior's birth and remembering all that He did for us. I love this special time of year!


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