Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elizabeth's 12th Birthday

My niece Elizabeth's birthday is December 27, so that means that we usually get to celebrate together when her family is visiting for Christmas. This year Elizabeth turned 12. Here are some pictures of the birthday girl.
My mom made Elizabeth a chocolate tres leches cake that was really yummy.
After we had cake Elizabeth opened her presents.
Whenever Sharon helps me update my scrapbook Elizabeth always wants to help, so I got her her very own scrapbook. I filled it with all of the scrapbooking essentials, like pretty card stock and neat stickers. I also gave her a framed copy of the Young Women theme since she is now in Young Women at church. (I was lazy and didn't wrap Elizabeth's birthday presents; I just told her to close her eyes. )
Elizabeth really wanted a suitcase for her birthday, so that's what her major present was. Sharon just wrapped up the makeup bag that came with the luggage set so that she didn't have to bring it all since there van was pretty fall as it was.


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