Friday, January 4, 2013

The Gang's All Here!

This year for Christmas my mom and I decided to buy Pillow Pets for Sharon's kids. I shopped around on the internet and found that Kmart and (of all places) had the best prices on Pillow Pets, so I submitted my order and the Pets started arriving the next day. Three days later the last one arrived. (I was really impressed with how quickly they came because I just did standard shipping.)

When the last Pillow Pet arrived I had my mom take pictures of them and then I sent the pictures to Sharon and said, "The gang's all here!" in the subject line.

I was so excited for the kids to come downstairs on Christmas morning. Although they wanted Pillow Pets, I don't think they were necessarily expecting them, so they were really surprised.

These are the pictures that my mom  took of the Pillow Pets when they arrived.
We didn't want to wrap the Pillow Pets, so we just set them in front of the Christmas tree.
I made sure Chandra had the camera in hand when the kids came downstairs and she was able to capture some surprised faces.
The three oldest girls had all picked a favorite Pillow Pet, so it was easy to know what to get for each of them (a penguin for Elizabeth, a rainbow unicorn for Kate and a puppy dog for Sarah). Rachel didn't really say which one she liked, so I picked for her (a cow). I guess I chose wrong because she really didn't seem to have any interest in it, or any other of the Pillow Pets. Too bad. Maybe she'll like it better as time goes on.
I love elephants and I thought the elephant Pillow Pet was really cute, so I picked that for Emily. Sharon had told me to get the panda for Matt because she thought he would like it, but when Matt saw the elephant he made a beeline for it. Fortunately, Emi is accommodating, so we just switched Emi's Pillow Pet with Matt's.
The picture above shows Matt making a beeline for the elephant. He sure knew what he wanted!
Emi really liked her elephant, but was just as happy to switch to the Panda. Way to be a peacemaker! I'm so glad that the Pillow Pets were a success and went over so well!


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