Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Still Lolo"

A  month ago I was watching Dateline and I saw an interview with a young woman that had an inspiring story to tell. In the interview she talked about an accident she had in December 2011 where she lost her left hand and left eye after being struck by the propeller on a small commuter plane. She also talked about a memoir that she and her family wrote about the experience. The book is called Still Lolo (Lolo is her nickname). I thought it sounded like a book my mom and I would enjoy reading together, so I ordered it. Mom and I finished reading it this past weekend and we both really enjoyed it.

The book was about the entire family (Lauren's mom and dad, plus her twin sister, Brittany and Brittany's husband, Shaun). We learned all about the family, their faith in Jesus Christ and how it's helped them get through the challenging things they've experienced in their lives. The person telling the story changed each chapter and it was interesting to read about Lauren's accident/recovery from the perspective of each member of the family. Reading books like this always brings back memories of my own accident/hospitalization and how difficult it was adjusting to a completely new kind of life.

This book was right up my alley since I love true stories, especially ones about people who have managed to triumph through God's grace after going through something difficult.  I definitely recommend this book if you like inspiring and uplifting true stories. (Click here or here or here for three other inspiring true stories that I recommend.)

Here is a picture of Lauren and her family, as well as a neat picture of her wearing one of her prosthetic arms (the one that she uses to workout in):


Tiffany said...

This story was especially interesting to me when I first found out about the accident and read her story, because 4 years ago I read a book published by Lolo's parents called "I Do...Again". They were married for 10 years, had the girls in that time, a huge house, lots of money, etc. but they didn't have God in their lives and weren't happy with each other. They got divorced and were divorced for 7 years. During those 7 years they both found God and God brought them back together. They got remarried when the twins were 10 and have been in a happy, Christ-centered marriage ever since! I read that book in 2008 and loved the story. I was on a facebook fan page of the mom/wife when I read her posting about Lauren being in an accident. :(

Anyway, if you were interested in this story you may like "I Do, Again". :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

it is an amazing story!

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