Monday, October 28, 2013

The Parrot Pin

My dad used to go on a lot of business trips when I was a kid and he usually brought something back for my mom (usually something like a little animal carved out of stone, or something like that). One time he brought my mom a parrot pin. It was the prettiest thing my young eyes had ever seen and I loved looking at it. I even asked my mom if I could have it if/when she died.
My mom had a miscarriage in 1991 when I was about seven. I remember her lying on the couch, tired and in pain. I got a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote out a will for Mom entitled "Mom's Deth." Yes, I actually did, and you better believe that I willed that parrot pin to myself! I guess I just wanted everyone to know that that pin was mine!

I know Mom kept the will since she thought it was so funny and cute and I wanted to take a picture of it to include in my post. We were sure that she'd put it in one of my childhood scrapbooks, but we unfortunately couldn't find it. We did come across these art projects, though. I guess I really must've liked parrots!
As we were looking for the will we found a few other gems from back in the day. Here's a note I wrote Mom for her 40th birthday. (She and I wrote lots of "love notes" as we called them to each other when I was a kid.) I love how I ended the note by saying, "You are my best friend." Some things never change! We've always been close, except for a few years when I was a teenager and not always as nice to Mom as I should've been. I'm glad we like each other so well since we have to spend so much time together!
Here's a report card I wrote for Mom. I guess she wasn't mean too often and didn't leave too often since she got low grades in those areas, and got high marks everywhere else. Mom's great and if I made her a report card for how she's doing these days, she'd get straight A's.
This is a card made by my sister Kristin after I kicked the thumb sucking habit. I thought it was cute how she said "remember not to suck" on the inside of the card.
This is a funny picture (from 2001 or 2002). I was sitting at the computer typing up a report for school when my mom came across me like this and took a picture. I know it might not look it. but it was actually quite comfortable.
I'm a nostalgic sort of girl, so I always love revisiting the past by reminiscing and looking at old pictures/scrapbooks.


jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Love these things! I especially loved, "I know it's not always easy to be pashent!"

Kedimy said...

Thank you for sharing the pretty parrot pin. I happen to like parrots and brooches. I like the drawings and the notes too. I'm kinda nostalgic just like you. I will come back to pore more over your blog.
Have a great evening,

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