Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Twins Separated at Birth Reunite!

I heard one of those "one in a million" stories on the news this morning that I wanted to share. The story was about two 25-year-old girls: Samantha Futerman, an aspiring actress who lives in California and Anäis Bordier, a French fashion designer who lives in London.

On February 1, 2013, Samantha received a Facebook message from Anäis saying that she'd looked up her profile online after seeing one of Samantha's videos on YouTube. Anäis thought that there was an uncanny resemblance between her and Samantha, and after looking at her profile realized they were both adopted. More than that, they were both born on the same day, in the same city (Busan, South Korea).

Anäis said that she had always felt as though something was missing in her life. She never knew that, after she and her sister were born, they were each placed in separate foster care agencies and adopted separately. DNA tests confirmed what the girls had already concluded, that they are twins who had been separated at birth. What an amazing story! Not only did the girls find out they had a long-lost biological sibling, but a twin sister! (I always wished I was a twin, and I always thought it would be fun to have same-sex twins.)

Here are Samantha and Anäis as little girls:
And the girls spending time together the first few times they met:
The girls on the set of Good Morning America for their interview that aired this morning:
Samantha has two adopted brothers, but Anäis is an only child, so I'm glad that these girls were able to stumble upon each other by accident, because every girl needs a sister! 


Meg @ write meg! said...

What a crazy, wonderful story!

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