Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! I absolutely love Valentine's Day. I might not have a significant other to dote on and share romantic Valentines with, but I do have lots of family and friends that I love that make this day special. I always send cards to my nieces and nephews because I want them to know how much I love them. Plus, it's fun to get mail. At least, I know how much I loved getting mail as a kid (and still do!).

A few weeks ago my mom told me that she'd ordered me a present for Valentine's Day, and remarked several times in the following days how excited she was to give it to me.  She gave it to me first thing this morning… a book that I loved as a child called Bathwater's Hot. I hadn't thought of this book in a long time, but last month my mom and I were watching something on TV and it made us think of the book. We both spontaneously started quoting the first lines from the book. We just looked at each other in surprise and laughed. It was so random that we both thought of the book and began quoting it at the same time. 
I love the illustrations and it was fun hearing the story again. (Yes, my mom read it to me for old times sake!).
Our Valentine's Day "haul." Card from my friend, Lacee, and niece and nephew, Kimball and Rebecah. My mom also gave me a box of assorted chocolates and I gave her Dead Poets Society, one of her favorite movies from back in the day.
Pretty flowers from my friend Kellie:
The Valentine cards my mom and I gave to each other. The one my mom gave me (on the left) was very appropriate considering my love of assorted chocolates. (My mom and I always eat them together. I take a bite and then she takes a bite. That way we get to taste them all!)
I thought it was cute how my mom and I both included inside jokes in our cards. ("After all these these years" from mom in her card and in my card "thanks for being my best friend in all the world a googol times over.")
My mom and I are at home together by ourselves today since my younger sister went on a little trip for a few days. That's okay, we like hanging out together and are happy we can spend Valentine's Day with our BFF. ;) My mom is making pizza for dinner (she makes THE BEST homemade pizza!) and we're going to watch The Inheritance (a TV movie that was on when I was a kid that was a favorite in our family).


Anonymous said...

The relationship between you and your mom is so precious. You never seem to take each other for granted. Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Julie

Julie said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day:)

I think it's lovely (or brill:)) that in the US you celebrate this day in such a fun way & that it's not just about having someone else.

I love how you & your Mum etc gave each other special cards etc.

Here in the UK it's all about having someone & it can be really hard when, like myself, you don't have anyone special - in-fact I often call it Singles Awareness Day.

I bought a couple of small cakes with icing on & gave one to a friend at work & also gave a bar of Cadbury's chocolate to a bloke at work for him & his partner. (It's a new one & has a couple of Ritz crackers in it)

I bet your Mum was excited to find that book. Glad you enjoyed it together.

Hope you're not getting snowed in where you are. The UK is having really bad floods at the moment.

Have a great day:)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE The Inheritance!

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