Saturday, June 20, 2015

31st Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and I turned 31. It was a relaxed, low-key day and I really didn't do much to celebrate, unlike my 30th birthday where my family surprised me with a visit from my sister Kristin who I hadn't seen in over four years. Even though I didn't do anything exciting for my birthday, it was still a great day.

My sister Chandra lucked out and wasn't scheduled to work, so she came over to hang out. We thought about going to the movies or maybe going shopping, but it was very rainy and soggy, so we stayed home. (I really don't like going out in the rain, because I hate getting wet!)

Mom, Chandra and I spent the day together, which was great since they are honestly two of my favorite people to be with. I opened all of my birthday cards, which I always save to open on my birthdayjust another way to make the day seem special. I also opened my presents. My family and friends are so good to me. I told my mom and Chandra that I wanted to try the Lindt Excellence candy bars that come in different flavors, because I love Lindt chocolate (it tastes SO much better than Hershey's chocolate!). My mom got me three of them, and Chan got me a big box of them that was an assortment of the different flavors, so I got eight of the Lindt candy bars, plus a Dove candy bar from my friend Kellie. It was pretty comical to get so many candy bars. What can I say...I love chocolate!
I love Chinese food, so my mom went and picked up some takeout for dinner. We got sesame chicken, egg rolls and crab rangoon. I love Chinese food! I told my mom that I didn't want her to make a big cake or anything since I knew I would be consuming a lot of calories with my Chinese dinner. She couldn't help herself, though, and she made three of those tiny chocolate cakes that you just make in a mug in the microwave. I've tried these kind of desserts before, and they are always leave me disappointed. This one was pretty good, though.
My first year in my 30's has been a good one, so I hope things keep going well. It's good to be alive! :)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful, Heather! It sounds like you had a lovely celebration. A belated but sincere birthday greeting to you from Ireland.
With love and hugs,

Pink said...

Chocolate and Chinese food are two of my favorite things as well! The Lindt assortment looks absolutely divine. Enjoy and Happy Birthday from Arkansas!

Jen said...

Hi Heather! It looks like you had a beautiful birthday surrounded by those who matter most. I hope your 31st year is full of Lindt Chocolate and Chinese Food moments. That's what it's all about, right? Those magical here and now moments shared with those we love, they build one atop the other and make for a perfect life in spite of imperfection = )

You truly are a person like few others, so full of life, while at the very same time knowing full well what this life is all about. Yes, it makes perfect sense. But I'll bet... the majority wouldn't handle themselves as you do... and that with such grace, positivity, and appreciation.

I admire both you and your family greatly.



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