Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oh, baby!

Here are two baby-inspired stories that were in the news recently. I've written about the first couple before, so it's just an update on their family's latest news. And then some adorable pictures of the prince and princess.

Thirteenth Child

Remember Jay and Kateri Schwandt, and their 12 sons? 
Earlier this year I heard that Jay and Kateri (Teri) were expecting another baby—their 13th. They didn't find out the gender of the baby beforehand, since it's their tradition to always keep it a surprise. Jay was hoping for a girl so he could experience all of the fun and differences that come with girls, but also said that he would be pleased with a girl OR a boy, so long as the baby was healthy. Teri felt the same way, too. The chances of having 13 children that are all the same gender are actually 0.025%, but they have defied the odds with their 12 boys, so it could've gone either way! The new baby arrived on May 13, and it was…another BOY!
Royally Cute

These pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were released earlier this week, and were supposedly taken by Duchess Kate, herself. The royal cuties are ADORABLE! I wish I could see them in person, because I love babies/kidsespecially cute ones!


Julie said...

Hi Heather,
Lovely pix of George & Charlotte.:)

They are both so cute.

Did you see George on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for Trooping the Colour last Saturday? He was wearing the same outfit as William wore in 1984 when he was also on the balcony.

Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a great day.:)

Mary M. said...

Fantastic photos and news clips Heather!!

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