Thursday, September 3, 2015

Parents, Raise Your Sons (and Daughters) Right!

Chandra and I went shopping two weeks ago. I told her I wanted to have "one last hurrah" before she has her baby and her life changes forever, since it won't be quite as easy for the two of us to go out shopping one-on-one like we've always done before. Something happened while we were out shopping together that I just have to write about.

I rarely go out to eat, so when I do, it's always a real treat. Chan and I concluded our last hurrah by stopping at Jack in the Box to get some food to take home for dinner, since we were hungry after our long afternoon shopping together. I had no idea what I wanted, so I decided to actually go in to the restaurant, instead of just going through the drive-thru, so that I could see the menu boards. When Chandra pulled into a parking spot, I noticed a group of eight high school-aged boys standing near the door (probably within 10 feet). I thought, "Good, one of them can help us with the door."

Chandra got me out of the van and started pushing me up the sidewalk towards the door. How many of the boys do you think came to assist us? NONE of them! I was just appalled that none of them came to help hold the door for the woman who was nine months pregnant, and the disabled woman in a wheelchair!! On the way out, I was really hoping that those boys (who were still standing in the same place) would redeem themselves by holding the door for us. Nope!

I was so disappointed in those young men, and I told Chandra that she better raise a polite son. She said, "Oh, you better believe I will!" (I know she will.) Now, to give these boys' parents the benefit of the doubt, I'm not implying that the boys weren't  raised to be polite, or that the boys are always rude to people, but in this situation, they were! I'm not trying to sound like a diva, either. Chandra has become very good at managing to open/hold non-automatic doors with one hand while simultaneously pulling me through them with the other, but it was clear that we could've used one of those boys to hold the door for us! Thankfully, more often than not when I'm out in public, people are usually more than willing to come hold doors for us. I just hope that parents raise their children to be polite and courteous, especially to those with limitations. 


Stephanie said...

That kind of stuff is rude! The neighbor kid often (two houses away) plays ball in his front yard. I collected four tennis balls and two soft balls. I yelled over to him. "are these yours?" he replied " Probably".
He came to the fence and I gave him the balls. He walked away with out a thank you.. I thought how rude. Next time I will keep the tennis balls for my dog to play with. I hope he learns some manners soon. :-) Have a nice weekend Heather.

Julie said...

Those boys were so rude.

I clean at a primary school & cross at pedestrian lights every day. On my way there the parents never make their children move over on the path/pavement for me, I always have to move for them & it really annoys me.

I was always taught from a very early age to move over for people on paths etc.

Anonymous said...

This post makes me so angry! My boyfriend's mother is hemi-plegic (from a stroke) & wheelchair bound. Nearly every time he takes her to the doctor, not one person in the waiting room holds the door for him, even watching him do the "hold the door with his leg & push/pull her through" routine. Even on his way out, none of the staff offer to help, either. What is wrong with people??

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