Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chandra's Baby Shower

My mom and I had a little baby shower for Chandra here at the house this past Wednesday. There were just 12 of us, including Mom, Chandra and me. We invited three others that couldn't come for various reasons, but had a good turnout overall. Our small gathering was perfect, though, because there was just enough room and it wasn't too loud or chaotic. My mom and I really don't like the silly games that people play at showers, so we just opted to have lunch and visit with our friends. Mom fixed chicken salad on croissants, and she made a yummy lemon cheesecake for dessert. We also had watermelon and veggies/dip.

After we ate, Chandra opened her gifts. People were very generous and she's got a lot of nice thingscute outfits, blankets, toys, diapers/wipes, baby gadgets, etc. Chandra is the one that usually takes pictures for me, but she obviously couldn't at the shower, since she was the guest of honor. I asked my friend Kellie to take pictures for me, and she obliged. Here are highlights of the shower, via pictures:
My mom, Chandra and I were all wearing similar shades of the same color, so we had to take a picture together. The next picture is of Chandra and her best friend, Michelle:
Chandra will be 39 weeks on Monday, so I wanted to get a last few pictures of her in all her pregnant glory, especially since she looked so pretty at the shower!
Quite the haul!
I cannot wait for Chan's little man to arrive!


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