Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mom's birthday

My mom's birthday was last Friday. We didn't do anything super exciting to celebrate, but it was just great to spend another day with my BFF. We ran a lot of errands…I got a flu shot, I went to the dollar store to pick out the Halloween cards to send to my nieces and nephews, I had an appointment at the eye doctor and then afterwards my mom and I went out for an early dinner at Popeyes. For years I've seen their commercials on TV, and I've always wanted to eat there because their food always looks so good on TV! There has never been a Popeyes restaurant close to my house, but one recently opened up about 15 minutes away, so we decided to go.

Chandra was able to meet us there, and she brought Christian with her. The first picture below is what my mom got (chicken, red beans and rice and a biscuit) and below that is what I got (three chicken tenders, Cajun fries and a biscuit). We also tried a variety of the sauces that Popeyes offers. We thought the food was pretty good. I liked the chicken, but next time I would probably just get the mild chicken instead of the spicy, since most of the sauces were spicey enough.
This sweet little guy was so good and just slept the entire time we were there.
I'm so grateful that I have such a great mom. She takes excellent care of mesomething I'm extremely grateful for, especially since SO many people in my same situation can't say the same. Our life probably doesn't seem very exciting to most people, but not only do we make the best of it, we actually have a lot of fun together, even while doing the monotonous daily caregiving/care receiving, and not-so-fun things like going to doctor's appointments. We have a great life, mostly because we get to spend our lives with each other. Happy birthday, Mom!


Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum, I'm glad she had a great day.:)

I've never heard of that restaurant. Do they specialise in spinach - because of the name?

I couldn't work it out at first when you said that your Mum had a biscuit with her dinner, as biscuits here are cookies. Then I saw the pix & realised what you meant.

I've never heard of Halloween cards before, I'll have to google those.:)

Stefania said...

Your nephew is a cutie!
I always see commercials for Popeyes too. They are currently building one not far from my home/work. After seeing your pictures, I'm going to make a stop when they open. :-)
and a Belated Happy Birthday to your BFF. :-)

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