Friday, April 8, 2016

Christian: Seven Months Old

Christian is now seven months old! These first pictures show Christian sitting on a little quilt that my sister Annette made for him. She recently mailed it to Chandra, and she was so surprised to get it. I suggested that we take some pictures of Christian sitting on it, and that he wear his monster shirt to match the monster fabric on the back of the quilt. I think he likes it! :)
These next pictures were taken a few weeks ago when we had that reunion to celebrate my grandpa's 94th birthday. With so many people around, Christian didn't get his naps like usual. Even though he was worn out, he was so overstimulated that he wouldn't fall asleep. When his dad arrived, Christian finally succumbed to sleep and got a nice, long nap.
He woke up a couple times and we thought he was awake, but he fell asleep again (even though he was sitting up). It was actually pretty funny.
Christian and his great aunt, Jackie.
Here are some pictures from Chandra's cell phone. Christian loves to look at books and point at the pictures. He also likes to suck on them, apparently.
Something else he's started doing recently is holding on to his ear. Sometimes he even falls asleep holding it, as you can see below.
He loves bath time, and I love his rolls!
Chandra started Christian on solids when he hit the six-month mark. The first two things she gave him were rice cereal and oatmeal, and then she started him on vegetables (green beans first, and then peas and carrots). She is making baby food instead of buying the little jars from the store. It's a lot cheaper that way. Christian has liked everything he's eaten so far, so that's good.
The pictures below are from St. Patrick's Day.
The picture below on the left is of Christian and his cousin, Matt. I love the picture in the middle (it's one of few pictures where I think he actually resembles Chandra) and the picture on the right shows Christian in the Pack 'n Play that Chandra got a bargain on. Below that are pics of Christian and his cousin, Rachel.
Christian love getting kisses from his Grammy, as you can see in the pictures above. The pictures below are from Christian's first Easter. My mom and I always send cards to my sisters' kids for the holidays. I think Christian liked his. Chandra and Christian looked so classy for church on Easter, too.


Julie said...

Lovely pix.

Christian gets more cute as the months go by:)

I love how you arrange your pictures, you have a real talent for this.

I love the way that Christian's baby grows have zips, over here they're nearly all ones with poppers & are a pain to undo & do up. (Not that I have any children but I remember having to do that when my niece & nephew were in babygrows)

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