Monday, May 9, 2016

Christian: Eight Months Old

Christian hit the eight-month mark this past Saturday. It is such a joy to watch him change and grow! As you can see, Christian's hair is growing, especially on the top of his head and on each side. It's still pretty sparse in some spots, but it's growing.
 Giving standing a try:
 Christian got his first two teeth this past month:
He loves to suck and chew on his fingers:
Christian loves to rummage through his mom's bag. That keeps him entertained for a long time, and he prefers to do that over playing with toys. Christian loves to push/pull things, like my over-the-bed table that he is sitting under in the pictures below (he also loves to open/shut drawers in the kitchen and bathroom). He loves to go through the Tupperware cabinet, too, as you can see in the second set of pictures below.
He's been getting up on all fours and he rocks back and forth. He's able to get around the room by scooting around on his stomach, even though he isn't crawling yet. Somehow he only manages to go backward, instead forward, though! And just last night he was grabbing onto the leg of the table and was trying to pull himself up to a stand. He didn't quite get to his feet, but he was close. I'm sure he'll be standing in a month or two.
Christian liked using this teether, since he was getting his first teeth. It looks like a popsicle, but you unscrew the handle, and you can put ice cubes in the mesh bag, which the baby can then suck/chew on. More bath pictures under that. Christian LOVES baths.
Chandra went shopping with one of her friends, and Chan carried Christian in the wrap she made. I imagine Christian is around 25 pounds, so she definitely got a workout! The picture below on the right makes me laugh. One of Chandra's friend's mothers loves to shop at thrift stores, and she bought this "vintage boys outfit" as she called it for Christian. Chandra tried the outfit on Christian, and she and her friend got a good laugh out of seeing Christian in this rather feminine-looking outfit. 
Above: new dino jammies. Below: looking like a pretty cool dude in these shades.
Something else Christian does that makes me laugh, is to sit on the floor (as pictured above) and he bangs one of his heels into the floor over and over. I'm not sure why he likes doing this, but he's been doing it for the past couple of months.


Julie said...

Christian gets more adorable each month:)

I love the sucking thing shaped like a lolly/popsicle. Mums - & Dads - often put fruit & veggies etc in them, which is probably safer for the baby to chew on.

I love what he does with his with his heel, I bet that's funny to watch.

I laughed at the one of Christian in the old fashioned short babygrow. I remember that Prince William used to wear things like that.

Thank you for the updates on Christian, I really enjoy them.x

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