Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

We had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. We heard great messages at church, and the women had an awesome lesson about motherhood/womanhood, complete with a beautiful spread of food (pastries, cookies, cheeses and crackers, fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolates, M&M, etc.).

Chandra, Joe and Christian came over for dinner that evening. Chandra made lasagna, and it was delicious! Her lasagna is honestly the best I've ever tasted. My mom made a salad and a lemon pound cake for dessert. I'm not a huge lemon fanI'm a chocolate cake girl all the waybut the lemon cake was actually really good!

My sisters and I went in on a couple of gifts for our mom: a digital kitchen scale and a book Mom had said she wanted. I ordered the gifts, had them shipped to Chandra, and Chandra wrapped them and made a card. (I love the pretty wrapping paper Chan usedso colorful and happy!) It would've been great if my other sisters have been able to be here for Mother's Day, but they live too far away to come over for dinner.
She loved her gifts and seemed surprised. Chandra also made this for Mom to hang up. Mom definitely is a caring, loving grandmother!
Chandra took off Christian's shirt and tie during dinner, so he didn't get his mashed up hard-boiled egg yolks on his shirt. I was disappointed that this picture of Christian was out of focus, because he was looking so cute! The next picture of him back in his shirt/tie turned out nice and clear, though. He looks so cute sitting on Grammy's lap. :)
I had Joe take a picture of my mom, Chandra and me. Christian had to be in the picture, too, since this was Chandra's first Mother's Day since having him. [The lighting fixture over the kitchen table always makes for terrible lighting in pictures, with or without a flash!]
Chandra is such a great mom to Christian. They are lucky to have each other!
And finally, a couple pictures with Joe, too.
In other Mother's Day news, I found out that my sister Annette is going to have another baby this October. I always love getting another niece/nephew. This makes 25!


Devon said...

Christian is the cutest baby ever!!!! :)

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