Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Coffeys' Visit 2016

We said goodbye to the last of our summer visitors last Friday. My sister Annette and her family visited from New York last week, and it was great to see them. It's always great to see the kids, because they grow and change so much in a year.

All of Annette's kids loved meeting their new cousin, Christian! Chandra came over several days while Annette was here, and her kids were so excited each time knowing they would get to play with Christian again. Even Kimball was excited to play with him, which kind of surprised me, but it made me happy seeing him sweetly play with Christian. Chandra is going to be going to New York in October when Annette has her new baby, because she doesn't have anyone to help her. My mom would love to go and help, but she can't leave me, and NY is just too far away for me to travel to. Annette was desperate for some help, so Chandra, knowing that she is in the best position of all of the sisters to pick up and go, volunteered to go to NY and stay with the kids when Annette has her C-section. The kids are SO excited that Chandra (and especially Christian) will be coming to stay with them.

I wanted to take some pictures with Annette's entire family when they were here, but we never got around to it. The day before Annette's family left, Chandra took some pictures of Annette's kids with Christian. None of them turned out very well, because it's difficult to get all three little ones looking and smiling at the same time. The first picture is probably the best of the five kids, even though it isn't that great.
Here are a few pictures of the little ones. Christian is almost a year younger than Annika and Lincoln, although he outweighs them by several pounds. It was impossible to get a good picture of all three of these guys.
They sure had fun playing together, though, and it was cute to watch them interact. I think the twins liked having a playmate that was more their size.
Kimball and Rebecah went on several adventures with their dadElephant Rocks State Park, Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park, a Cardinals baseball game, and a trip to a water park. It was awfully hot, so Annette stayed home with the twins who weren't feeling so well on those days.

Here are some pictures of Kimball and Rebecah playing a game. I watched them out my front window. 
These sneaky little ones got into the pantry and helped themselves to a box of animal crackers. Finally, a cute picture of the sisters, Rebecah and Annika.


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