Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lincoln's Sponsor

On September 4, I had the privilege of attending the baptism of baby Lincoln, son of my long-time and loyal friend, Lacee. What an interesting experience it was to attend this special event! I've never been to a Sunday service at a Lutheran church before, and I really enjoyed it, especially the music!

I was honored that Lacee asked me to be her son's sponsor. I'd actually never heard of being a baby's "sponsor" before, but Lacee said that it's like being a child's godparent (and I have heard of godparents). Imagine me being a godmother! [A sponsor/godparent is supposed to help the child receive a Christian education, and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Lacee and I aren't the same religion, but we are both Christians, and I definitely love Jesus Christ, so I hope I can and will influence Lincoln for good!] Anyway, Lacee said that she'd been contemplating who of her friends to ask to be the other sponsor (since she had already chosen her brother, Kyle). She had thought of several of her friends, but couldn't decide who to choose. The lady at the church that was scheduling the baptism told Lacee to go home and pray about it. She did, and as she pondered it, she said that all of a sudden I popped into her mind, and she was like, "Heather, of course! She's the most spiritual person I know." She also said that I am the most kind and gentle soul, so who better to lead her son to Christ and help him develop his own relationship with faith. (Those were her words, not mine!) I was so humbled and honored to be asked. Of course, I said, "Yes!"

I'm so glad I made it to the baptism! I needed to have surgery to remove some kidney stones, and if I didn't have it on September 2only two days before the baptismI would've had to wait several more weeks to have it. I was also unexpectedly hospitalized for several days prior to the surgery, and I was only released from the hospital on Friday night, a mere 36 hours before the baptism. I told my doctor that I had somewhere to be on Sunday morning, and that I didn't want to miss it! Fortunately, everything worked out, and I was able to make it. Whew!
Lacee and her husband, Ryan, along with their baby, Lincoln.
Below are pictures of Lacee and her husband, Ryan, plus her brother, Kyle, and me. Lacee's parents are with us in the first picture, and Ryan's parents are in the following picture.
Here are two pictures of Kyle and me, Lincoln's two sponsors:
This is a picture of us by the baptismal font, along with the pastor who baptized Lincoln. He was SO nice!
Lincoln was so mesmerized by the trickling water, that it was impossible to get him to look at the camera for this picture! Lacee and Ryan sure look great, though!
I regret not getting a picture of Lincoln in his cute little outfit, but above is a picture that I cropped. His darling outfit was made from the skirt of Lacee's wedding dress, so that was really neat. 

What a memorable day! I'm so glad I could attend and be there for such a special day in Lincoln's life. :)


Unknown said...

Hello Heather, My name is Alison and I'm posting a comment from Glasgow in Scotland. I came across your blog because I was looking for Ninjago Lego ideas for my three sons and found your post on your nephews Lego costumes from a few years back. They really do look very good. I currently have 3 ninjas running about the house in preparation for Halloween.

I was intrigued by your blog name, paralyzed with joy, and read your profile and some of your blogs. Wow you are an inspiration. I have really enjoyed reading about your family. I loved the post of your Mom's birthday - she really does look fantastic. I also enjoyed all the beautiful pictures of your family and their children. I love this post of the baptism and the lovely pictures of your friends and their beautiful baby. I liked it most of all because it has such lovely photos of you and for me that was missing on the posts I read previous to this one. You look so happy and despite just coming form hospital you look so happy, healthy and radiating joy.

I don't get a chance to read blogs that often and I very rarely comment because as a working mom with three kids even my interruptions get interrupted. Your positive energy really inspired me today, so I felt compelled to let you know. Many thanks and best wishes to you, your friends and family from across the big pond,

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