Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My humble abode

After my accident the living room in my house was converted to be my bedroom since I could no longer go up and down the stairs in my house. Although the living room is smaller than my former bedroom, I'm grateful for it and I'm grateful it was relatively easy to convert. Here are a few pictures of my bedroom:

A view looking towards my bed:
A view looking the opposite direction:
My bookcase (I really need a bigger bookcase because I've acquired more books than this bookcase can hold):
My entertainment area:
The shelving unit where I keep a lot of my scrapbooks, photo albums and other projects (I like everything well organized): Some of my nick-knacks (I like pretty things): My garden of African Violets (I love plants, especially ones that flower): My overhead lift (this is how I get in and out of bed/my recliner/wheelchair):

Of course it's kind of hard to understand what my room looks like and what the layout is like from just a few pictures, but hopefully you can get a sense of where I live and what my living area is like.


A Veiled Connotation said...

Your blog is so captivating!

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