Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My new nephew

I realized today that I never wrote about my new nephew, Matthew Johnson Leigh, who was born three weeks ago on Wednesday, March 24. This was my sister Sharon's fifth baby, but her first boy. When Sharon had her ultrasound last year to find out the sex of her baby I remember feeling shocked when she told me it was a boy. I was just expecting her to have a family of all girls.

I knew that Sharon was being induced and I waited all day for her to call with the news that Baby Matthew had arrived. Things got started a little bit late in the day, so Mattie wasn't born until 4:53 in the afternoon. (I'm always so excited to get the phone call that my new nieces/nephews have arrived!)

Here are a few pictures of Sharon and her new Little Guy (hopefully she won't mind me posting pictures of her on my blog):
Elizabeth and Kate checking out their new baby brother: I love these pictures because they just say "motherhood" to me:
Here's baby Matthew a few days after coming home from the hospital:What a cutie! I can't wait to meet him later this summer!


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