Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1900 and counting

On February 24 I decided to put a counter on the bottom of my blog so that I could keep track of how many hits I get on my blog. I wish I would've put this counter on my blog when I set it up last August, but I didn't know how. It just would be nice to know how many hits I had gotten in the six months between when I started my blog and when I put the counter on at the end of February. So, I'm approaching 2000 hits since February 24 of this year, according to my counter.

I've also decided to start making notifications on Facebook from time to time when I make a new post that I think is a little more interesting than my usual posts. On one hand I feel tacky plugging my blog on Facebook because I would prefer to have other people spread the word about my blog than to have to do it myself, but on the other hand, I really do want to get the word out about my blog and this seems to be the most effective way to do so. (Or at least the most effective way I've found so far.)

So, as I approach 2000 hits to my blog, it will be interesting to see just how it continues to take off!


Renee Webb said...

I check your blog every few days for an update!

Sindy said...

Hello I found your blog after reading what you posted on Ninie's blog and I think you are amazing for what you have gone through!and your mom must be really proud of you.I will for sure add your blog to my list of bookmarks and look forward to reading it.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Hello! I, also, found your blog from what you posted on Nie's.
I am a nurse, and I think you would be an excellent nurse! I worked with long term acute care patients, many of them spinal cord injuries. One just recently got a diaphragm pacemaker, gives a lot of hope seeing how well you have done with yours!
Have you thought about getting a certificate in medical transcription or medical coding? You should look into it, it would keep you in the medical field and work from home!
Oh, how I wish you lived close, there are so many young girls that are recent quads, that could gain a lot of strength from you and your story! You are an inspiration.

bretsonjeep said...

2533, I forgot to tell you that i am wearing the tie and one of the pair of socks that you gave me!
Robin hood is good, we need to go see Iron man 2 still
Glad you are doing well.

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