Sunday, May 9, 2010

On the other side of the bed: a new perspective

More stones, another trip to the ER and another hospitalization... except this time it wasn't me; it was my mom. She had her own bout with stones (except they were appendix stones, not kidney stones, like me), and she was also hospitalized after an emergency trip to the ER. This was bittersweet because although I was glad that I wasn't the one in the hospital, it was painful to know that a loved one of mine was suffering. I think I would rather be the one in pain and in the hospital than my mom! Here's what happened:

Last Friday morning my mom, younger sister Chandra and I were supposed to take a trip to Arkansas to see my sister Annette and her family. We were all very excited, and we were especially looking forward to meeting Annette's new daughter Rebecah who was born in January. We spent Thursday preparing for our trip and we got everything packed and set out.

We were planning on leaving early Friday morning around 8 AM. My mom woke me up around 5:15 AM and told me that she wasn't feeling well. She told me what her pain was like and we talked about what to do. My mom had been experiencing intense pain in her abdomen all night, and the pain was only intensifying. She decided that she better go to the emergency room, so she called one of her friends from church to drive her to the hospital. Chandra stayed with me and she continued getting me ready for the day so that we could still hopefully take our trip when Mom came home. I wasn't sure if Mom had a mild case of food poisoning or what, but it soon became clear that it was far worse than food poisoning. Mom underwent some tests and the doctor discovered some stones in Mom's appendix. Appendicitis! Can you imagine that?! What luck we are having this year, especially with stones!

We obviously had to cancel our trip, which was so disappointing for everyone involved! When I talked to my sister Annette the previous day, she told me that her 2 1/2 year old son had been asking all week if it were Friday yet (the day we were arriving). My heart broke when I realized how disappointed my nephew would be! Disappointing a grown-up is one thing, but disappointing a little kid is another since children get so excited for things!

My sister Chandra finished getting me ready for the day and we actually went to the movies since we knew that Mom was going to be "unavailable" for several hours while she was having surgery. On one hand Chandra and I felt horrible about going to the movies when our mom was in the hospital having surgery, but on the other hand there was really nothing that we would be doing at the hospital except waiting in the waiting room, so we decided to go since Mom was in good hands with a couple of our good friends.

Chandra and I watched our movie, Iron Man 2, and then we went to the hospital and arrived around 2 PM. We waited with our friends in the waiting room for about an hour, and then we got a call that Mom was out of recovery and in her hospital room. We went up to the floor that she was on and it was such a different experience for me to be the visitor and not the patient! Mom was definitely not at her best, and it was difficult for me to see her feeling so terrible, especially since there was nothing I could do to make her feel better. In a way I was jealous of the nurses since I had to just sit there and watch them care for my mom. Chandra and I stayed with Mom all afternoon and left the hospital around 8 PM.

Fortunately my mom slept well that night and was doing well enough the next morning to come home. Mom said she felt so much better andwas relieved to no longer be in pain!

So we survived another hospitalization! I'm grateful this is behind us and I really appreciate the kindness and support of our wonderful family and friends, as well as the great doctors and nurses that gave Mom such great care.


Tyler and Jen said...

So hopefully you have all the stones out of everyones system!

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