Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bonding time

This past weekend my sister Laura and her daughter Amy spent the weekend with my mom and me since Laura's husband was out of town. Laura came over on Friday afternoon, and she and my mom made a flourless chocolate torte for our dessert that evening. It was so good and had such a rich, chocolatey flavor. Laura and I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon watching TV and movies and we had a lot of fun with each other.

Laura lives about 30 minutes away and she comes down several afternoons a week to help my mom with my care. We've both remarked several times lately that we feel badly that we didn't get along when we were growing up, but that we’re glad that we like each other now. Thank goodness that things can change when you grow up and mature! Here are three pictures of Laura and me from back in the day:


Anonymous said...

Obviously, really good and since mine is coming ... I can't wait to try this.

*Elizabeth* said...

I need that recipe - I keep looking at it - YUM!!

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