Monday, March 7, 2011


A few weeks ago I bought a new TV, and this past weekend my brother-in-law Brett came over to help me set it up. I was very grateful for his help because I obviously can't do it myself, and my mom definitely wasn't up to the task. (She hates electronics and admitted that she would have no idea how to get everything hooked up correctly.) My new TV is great! It's a 46" Sony Bravia LED TV and I can stream videos over the internet which is a nice feature since I watch a lot of things online, especially through Netflix.

Funny story: the TV has a motion sensor and one of the features that the TV offers is a power saving option where the picture on the TV goes black if there isn't any movement in the room for 30 minutes. Yesterday afternoon I was watching a DVD in my room, and every 30 minutes the screen would go black. I obviously couldn't move to make the picture come back on, so I had to call my mom to walk into the room so that the picture would come back on the screen. Luckily this feature is adjustable, and it was easy to switch it to the "off" option.

Here's a picture of my new setup: I admit that the TV is probably a little big for my room, but I don't care! It has a nice, clear picture, especially when I watch DVDs. I love seeing Anderson Cooper up close and personal; the only problem is that he doesn't respond when I talk to him. C'est la vie! (Such is life!)


Dan said...

ummmm super jealouse, that is a sweet setup you got going!!!

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