Monday, August 8, 2011

Amy's First Birthday

My niece Amy turned one last Wednesday and we had a birthday party for her last Saturday evening. It was a small gathering of 12, including my mom, my younger sister Chandra and me, plus Laura and Brett and six of our friends, plus Amy.
Laura made some yummy appetizers – bean salsa, guacamole and sandwich wraps. She also made a butterfly cake for Amy – a small cake for Amy, and a big cake for everyone else. The best part of the whole evening was watching Amy eat her cake. As soon as Laura set the cake down on her tray, Amy leaned over and buried her face in it. It was hilarious to watch!

Going, going, gone!

After Amy ate/played in her cake for a while she was lifted to the sink to brush the crumbs off before being taken up to the tub for a much needed bath.
After her bath it was time for presents. I got so many cute pictures of Amy opening her presents, but unfortunately something happened when I was transferring the pictures to my computer and lots of them got deleted. I was so upset because they were so cute!


Tiffany said...

I've enjoyed perusing your blog. You take some wonderful photos, and your story is truly inspiring. (That guacomole photo actually had my mouth watering!)

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