Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blog in Hardcover

I recently passed the second anniversary of when I started my blog. Last year I decided to have the posts I wrote in my first year of blogging printed into a book, and it turned out so well that I decided that I would have my blog printed into a book every year when I pass my blogiversary.

I ordered my second blog book last week and it arrived last night. I was surprised at how thick it was. It's easily an inch thick, and my mom and I think it looks like a textbook! In my first year of blogging I wrote approximately 160 posts, and in my second year of blogging I wrote 268 posts, so I wrote considerably more posts in my second year than in my first, so that's why it is a much more substantial book.

The website I use to have my blog printed into a book is blog2print.com and it is really easy to use. You just enter the address of your blog and a few minutes later it's finished. The thing I like about blog2print is that you don't have to do any copying/pasting like you do with other websites that I looked into.

I love having a hard cover copy of my blog that I can show people. My mom was looking at my blog book last night and she remarked how I write about such a broad variety of topics. It's really true – I write about so much! I write about the things I'm up to, my projects, my family, my thoughts about things, things that I think are funny or interesting, movies that I've seen, books that I've read, food I like, religious thoughts, products from the store that I really like – you name it. I just love to write about this, that and everything!


Kate said...

So Fun! I want to see it when I come to visit at Christmas! I'll try to bring mine home to show you too! Also, I LOVE your header and the new set up! So cute!

Tina said...

Love your new look Heather. Did I already tell you thank you for helping with my blog. I followed your directions with making my pictures bigger. It worked out perfectly!

Your Utah Friend,


Loretta Valenta said...

Heather, I am interested in the company you used for your blog. When you entered your blog address did it take your blog just as you originally layed it out? I have made one blog book and it took me forever to out it together because it saved my blog post but rearranged all my pictures and I had to create a page layout for each and every page. Did you have to do that using blog2print?

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