Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Heaven Is for Real"

I don't know how many 27-year-olds still have their mothers read books to them, but I do! I guess it's just one of the perks of being completely paralyzed and unable to hold a book, right?! All kidding aside, we really do enjoy reading together. It's fun to be able to discuss the book you're reading with someone else.

Anyway, the book that we finished a few nights ago is called Heaven is for Real. This book is a best-selling true story written by the father of a little boy who had a near-death experience in 2003. I loved this book and enjoyed hearing what heaven was like according to a four-year-old boy. His descriptions of heaven and what happened there were so honest and insightful while still being childlike at the same time.

This is a very religious and spiritual book in that there is considerable talk of God and Jesus, as well as other topics like faith, prayer, family and love. I'm a very religious person, so I enjoy books of this nature where I'm able to read about other people's experiences and how their religious beliefs help them get through difficult things. I know that God is real and that we are His children and that He loves us. I'm so thankful that I know this so that I don't have to doubt, worry and question.

Sometimes I wonder what people who either aren't very religious or aren't at all religious think of a book like this, or what they think of the views, thoughts and opinions of people who are religious and firm believers in things like God, Jesus, heaven, etc. I'm curious because I can't imagine life (especially MY life as a disabled person) without being sure that God is there.


Tina said...


I ask myself the same question about death and loved ones. My mom and sister passed away 10 years ago. I am so grateful for the gospel and knowing I will be with them again. I LOVE that your blog is growing.

Your Utah Friend,


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