Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Dentist Scorned…

Can it really be May already?! That's what my Mary Engelbreit calendar says, so it must be so, but it's still hard to believe. Time really passes so quickly!
I heard the most bizarre story on the news this morning that I have to share with everyone. I wanted to find out more details since I just heard a brief snippet of the story, so I just looked it up and found this article about it in The Huntington Post. The headline really says it all: "Polish Dentist Removes Teeth of World's Stupidest Ex-Boyfriend." Here's an excerpt from the article to fill you in on the gist of the story:

"Evidently Marek Olszewski went to see his ex-girlfriend, Anna Mackowiak, a 34-year-old dentist in Wroclaw, to be treated for a toothache. Mackowiak allegedly showed Olszewski into her facility, locked the door behind them, heavily sedated him and, according to remarks given to the Austrian Times, "I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, 'What a bastard' and decided to take all his teeth out," which she did, one-by-one, prior to wrapping Mackowiak's head and jaw tightly in gauze, waking him from his stupor and telling him there had been a slight complication and he'd need to see a specialist. According to reports, she then sent him home where the defanged ex-beau discovered the extent of his misfortune.

In a stupendously bitter twist of irony, Olszewski's new girlfriend, (the woman for whom he allegedly left Mackowiak in the first place), has now broken up with him saying, "he can't be with a man without teeth." 

Ouch! Although I do feel badly for the ex-boyfriend who got his chompers ripped out, he was really dumb for going to his ex-girlfriend dentist just days after breaking up with her for another woman. Days!

Wow! What a bummer! I wonder if she thinks this extreme crime of passion was worth it?! You might be wondering what happened to the offending dentist? This is what the article said: "Mackowiak now faces up to three years in jail along with malpractice charges and who knows what else."

Update: A few months after hearing the story it came out that it was actually a hoax and there was no truth to the story. (Thank goodness!)


Kate said...

Okay, we are SO kindred spirits! I read this and had the same reaction yesterday too. Talk about revenge!

Tina said...


I heard about this story too. What a stupid man! I shouldn't chuckle, but I kind of did!


Your Utah Friend,


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