Thursday, May 10, 2012

Special Weekend

This past weekend was a special one for two of my sisters' families. First, Kristin's son Kaleb recently turned eight and he was baptized this past Saturday. He's my oldest nephew, so even though several of my nieces have been baptized, this was my first nephew to be baptized. Here are some pictures:
Kristin's new son Ryan was blessed in church on Sunday. Isn't he so cute?! He's growing so quickly; way too quickly! He'll most likely be a little boy before I ever get to meet him in person. If only I could teleport! :) I think Kristin has some of the cutest boys, ever. They are such studs and are definitely on their way to being heartbreakers! ;)

I love the above picture of Ryan. I love the look on his face and his perfect little pucker.(Especially his little philtrum!) His mouth/lips look so much like Kristin's!

Sharon's new daughter Emily was also blessed in church this past Sunday. Again, I would've loved to be there, but that wasn't a possibility. At least I will only have to wait a couple of weeks to meet her; I'm so looking forward to that!

Sharon's husband had meetings at church early on Sunday morning, but luckily the girls' friend Morgan was there to take a group picture of Sharon with her kids; all six of them! (Aren't they an adorable family?!) I love the first picture of the big girls lovingly gazing at their baby sister; the sweet, adoring looks on their faces are so precious. I also love the pictures of  Emily in her pretty white dress, bracelet and headband. The headband(s) are Sharon's baby present from me. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I had to buy both! I'm glad I got pictures of Emi wearing both of them.


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