Saturday, July 28, 2012

Three Trees

Earlier this year my sister Kristin made a button tree for her bathroom using bright, colorful buttons, foam board and paint. I loved it, so I told her she could feel free to make me one for my birthday if she wanted. :) Kristin also decided to make one for our mom for her birthday which will be coming up in a few months. Kristin finished the trees and they arrived last week. This is how she packaged them. (Adorable, right?!) I almost didn't want to open mine because it was packaged so nicely, but I knew there was something even prettier inside!
Here it is: it's cute, isn't it?! This is perfect for my room because I love pretty things! Here's a picture of it in its memory box frame, and another picture with the glass door open so that there isn't a glare reflecting off the glass.
Here's a picture of what my mom's tree looks like, and another picture of a button tree that represents the four seasons. I'm taking a teensy, tiny bit of credit for it since I gave Kristin the idea to try it.
Now on to another tree project that I recently acquired for my room… a few months ago I was reading a blog that I follow and the woman was talking about this family history tree, and I loved it. (The tree is 11 x 14, and the kit costs $18.95.) I knew it would be perfect for me since I love things like this and I have a nice, large family to fill out my tree. I just put my immediate family on the tree (grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews), but I guess if you don't have an immediate family as large as mine, you could always put on aunts, uncles and cousins on the tree to make it nice and lush. I didn't even need to use all of the leaves, so I just filled in my tree with the extra leaves to make it look nice and full. That way I can fill in names if/when my family expands. (I made sure to leave a little room for a leaf by mine for when the one I love (or someone else) makes an honest woman out of me! ;)

I absolutely love the way it turned out, but I feel like the tree is still missing something, so my friend Linda is going to help me do some vinyl lettering on the back of the glass and have its say something like "my eternal family."
And finally, the tree above is something my sister Laura made me for my birthday. It's an idea that she found on Pinterest. Thanks, Pinterest, for another cute idea!


Tina said...

So Pretty!

Your Utah Friend,


Kimberly Blackadar said...

Thank you for the inspiration! My daughter and I will be trying the project with the four trees. Have a blessed day!

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