Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Heroes for My Daughter"

Earlier this year I wrote about a book in this post that I really enjoyed called Heroes for My Son written by New York Times bestseller, Brad Meltzer. He recently released another book called Heroes for My Daughter. These little books are great because they're full of short, inspiring stories about real-life people. These stories shed a little more light on the lives of people most of us know, or have at least heard of. These fun books would definitely make great baby gifts, Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts or "just because" gifts.


AndersonsMom said...

Absolutely!! After being introduced to the two books, and the most charming sounding author (via bookreportradio dotc), I thought myself very clever getting two. Needless to say I have now given both away, simply because they're utterly perfect gifts. And maybe especially for those that aren't given much to reading.

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